The Art of Romance

Jon Paul is one of the most talented artist/photographers in the industry. His covers appear regularly in books issued by the leading publishing houses.

In the mid-80's,  Jon was one of sixteen art students chosen worldwide to participate in a nine-month program at the prestigious New York Academy of Fine Arts. He also attended the National Academy of Design under Nelson Shanks, the official portrait painter of the late Princess Diana. Jon Paul has received more than 20 awards for excellence from the Romance Writers of America, often placing in two or more of the top ten positions.

His work has appeared on the cover to one of the leading fashion magazines (Zink September 2004) in the industry. He also painted an advertisement for Chopard who is one of the world's famous jeweler's who designs jewelry for the celebrities. In 2005 Jon's work was showcased on a True Romance gaming machine which was distributed in casinos worldwide and in January 2006 he completed an advertising campaign for Oral-b which includes portraits of celebrities like Fabio. His portrait of Fabio appeared on Valentine's Day 2006 on the NASDAQ Digital Billboard in Time Square NYC. Jon Paul also was commissioned to design the artwork for the tombstone of Anna Nicole Smith which he completed and was unveiled on her 41st birthday. Most recently actor and film star Topher Grace personally commissioned Jon Paul to design and illustrate the avatar for his new podcast "Minor Adventures with Topher Grace." Ever vigilant to expanding his horizons, Jon Paul pursues his fine art as well as his commercial ventures, both are enjoyed by thousands of fans that visit his website every year.